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Wedding Memorabilia
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Wedding Memorabilia

I’d bought this large deep box frame from IKEA for £19 and put a sample of the memorabilia from our wedding inside. It was ok, but over the months of it hanging on the staircase wall, it started to bow. So, I went to Hobbycraft and bought some varying sizes of their box frames and…

It’s A Girl
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It’s A Girl

Today, Jezz and I drove to Kelly and Charlie and met them and Charlie’s family and our lot, too. It was the baby reveal party, and it’s a girl. I’m so thrilled that I started crying for several reasons. I’ve created a page, celebrating the day. It’s here: It’s A Girl.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady

Epic. Over the last 10 weeks, I have loved watching The Cleaning Lady, on Sky Witness. The acting, the action, story lines have been excellent. I was captivated throughout. I loved Elodie Yung who played the made character, Thony De La Rosa, The Cleaning Lady. I highly recommend this 10 episode TV series… if you…

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2 November 1924 – 12 April 2008
“The biggest loss in my life that is… my dear father. He continues to live on inside of me: with his laughter in my mind and his love in my heart. Broken and lost, I spend the never-ending task of picking up the pieces… and re-living some of my most cherished memories that have Dad in them.” ~ Wayne 

This section of the website is a tribute to those who have been near and dear to me during their life but have now passed on.

On Saturday 6th November 2021, Jezz and I got married. It was also a celebration of Jezz’s 50th birthday and our 21st anniversary.

This page has links to almost all the mini-videos that I have created over the years. Some are humorous, some nostalgic or feature a particular event, and some are in memory of a loved one.

This page is all about the cars that I have either had the privilege to drive or ones that I have owned or co-owned. Some of the photos are of the actual car but of the ones where I didn’t take a photo at the time, I have had some fun trying to find one that best matches the car.

Here’s a page of photos created from using an iPhone app called Halftones that started a trend of photo editing in comic strip style, just for a laff. has its own recommendations page: if there’s a business you’re after, then have a look to see if we used a company in the same line of work from someone… if they were fab, they’ll be on this page!

So far

I’m in love with my underwear… what can I say?

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Kelly Alton
Kelly Alton
1 month ago

We haven’t watched this yet, but I have watched the movie. So I may give it a go. X

Last edited 1 month ago by Kelly Alton