waynealton.com is a website that contains all relevant information around Wayne Alton. The website has pages with thousands of photos and is a walk-through of Wayne's life. It all began when Wayne was having lunch with his olé pal, Vicki. Having mentioned to her that he wanted to express his feelings of affection and kind words for his friends and family and that it would be nice to publish them after his death, Vicki suggested, why wait…? Do a website and put them on there. And that's why the Acclamations page was created, which gave birth to the development with the rest of the site.



The website reveals almost everything of Wayne's life. The relationships, business colleagues, jobs, homes, loved ones past and present are all amongst the site. The Photos pages are listed by category. The Recipe Book is a page about the food that Wayne has either made himself or been given, as a recipe. The site explores Wayne's interest with poetry and records some phrases and quotes of others. His creation of "How Is It's" has a dedicated page and a list of cars he's either driven or owned are documented. His work of making funeral order of service books are here, and so are the tattoos that he has designed and had done. The page Driven shows photos and a short description of Wayne's thoughts to the cars he has driven and/or owned. It also includes a score for each.

The Recommendaltons page is a list of businesses, locally and online, as well as an app or two, that Wayne uses or has used and found to be very good and recommendable. There's more quirky facts in a page called 'Did You Know...'




Wayne is a much-loved but completely irrelevant person. Loved by his family and adored by his friends, he lives in South London. He's not famous or well-known, despite having been on the television three times. He has worked full-time in various places of work including BT as an Operator on both 100 and 999 switchboards, British Gas as a Customer Service agent, which involved dealing with customer billing enquiries, admin assistant for the Medical Benefits Centre, a warehouse assistant for a now-defunct newsagent chain. He has also worked as a courier in South and Central London for a firm that was based in Crystal Palace, South West London, was a chauffeur for an American limousine firm in Ewell, Surrey and then later moved into the office handling bookings and enquiries. He went onto to later develop an entire electronic database for bookings. He also worked in the kitchen at the nightclub Madame Jo Jo's in London Soho's Brewer Street for a couple of years in the late eighties. He worked as a receptionist and admin assistant in a motorists' association business and co-ran a café in his home town high street. He worked as a kitchen assistant, volunteering for a charity for disabled people.

In 1979, Wayne joined the volunteers at the local hospital radio station, Radio Lollipop. He was amongst the first DJ's that came from the original, first-ever Lollipop studio at Queen Mary's Hospital for Children in Carshalton, Surrey. At his peak, he broadcasted 3 one-hour shows Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a 3-hour chart show every Saturday evening. He remembers fondly and still credits Station Manager and Radio Lollipop creator Marc Damon for the opportunity.
Wayne grew up in Sutton, Surrey and was raised for the first 11 years by his Victorian Grandmother. With a strong moral ethic and much revered by the local neighbours, his Grandmother provided him with the essentials to be a fine upstanding chap... not sure where it all went wrong, but! Lol. He has two sisters who are 2 and 4 years older than him. His Grandfather passed away in 1976, Grandmother in 1989 and Father in 2008. In the later years of his Father's life, Wayne spent a lot of time with him, and they would go shopping every Monday. Wayne misses his Dad terribly, and life has never been the same since he died.

Wayne's relationships have been with both men and women, and in his teenager years he dated several girls around his own age. In 1981, he met Debbie and in 1984, his daughter Kelly was born. The three of them lived together for a while, but as Wayne's sexual interest in men increased, through his own doing, the relationship between him and Debbie deteriorated. Despite the distance caused between him and his daughter, they now both agree that relations are fully restored.


20 YEARS ON... (1997 - 2017)

In 2006, Wayne's first grandson, Ethan, came along and late 2007, Jake was born, his second grandson.

Wayne absolutely adores and loves Kelly and his two grandsons and learned a lesson early on in his grandsons lives, that the love from a grandchild is both humbling and heart-melting. On one occasion, Wayne cried having closed the front door after he had waved them off, following a visit one Christmas. A new and emotional experience.


It feels strange that the website has been going for 20 long years. It feels even stranger when you compare that there are family members younger than the site. The site layout hasn't changed a great deal and the content doesn't get removed generally... just added to! The front home page is still the most changed page for its updates. The site will always get larger over the years as more tributes about people get added, photos of occasions will be included and events and purchases are placed on the site too. Looking back over the last 20 years on the website, shows that whilst life has been pretty bland, it's been fun and interesting to document other people's lives and sharing some of their moments, and it's also been heart-warming to reflect on and to pay tribute to those who have been involved in Wayne's life but have sadly passed away.



In January 2019, Wayne took the plunge and switched his subscription with the web hosting company, and he now uses their online website builder. It has meant rebuilding the site page by page but has also given him the opportunity to tidy up. The best new feature for the site is that it is now compatible to view on all devices, and not just a Mac or an iPad.

A further update for 2019 is the new 'Wayne's Shop.' It has departments and includes the facility to purchase items using PayPal as its payment method (and has since been removed, May 2022).



In November 2021, Wayne married his soulmate, Jezz. They have known one another for 21 years, and the timing just seemed appropriate. There are various points on the website that makes reference to the event, and the main wedding page can be viewed here.

Also, the web hosting provider upgraded their web builder software (RQS) and the 2nd migration started to take place in November 2021.



Update for 2023 will go here.