Gripes and Rants

This page is for an area where Wayne is able to rant and rage about the irritating things in life. WARNING: This page is a wash with obscenity.

Coronation Street, huge fan for 49 years (1973) but for crying out aloud

  • December 2023: the storyline of Ed Bailey’s gambling addiction is not well played, largely due to Ed’s hopeless acting. But everybody not seeing it before it’s played out, particularly as we learn of his illness from the start, is painfully boring.
  • December 2023: the stupid Stu and his selfish actions of somehow convincing Eliza’s Dad to emigrate overnight to save a previous marriage and daughter relationship, is beyond tediously boring. I record every show, and thank fuck I do. Along with the advert breaks, I am able to fast-forward through the inane and ‘couldn’t give a flying fuck’ story of Eliza and her Dad. AAARRRGGHH. And Yasmeen’s gullibility is hopeless, too.
  • The only advantage of Ryan Connor (fit as f) is the elongated story of his affair with Daisy is finally over. < March 2024 – spoke too soon>
  • Peter Barlow’s reason for leaving and the split up between him and Carla Connor… absolutely unbelievable… no, seriously… it’s not believable.
  • And… I’m going to make this last rant about Corrie for now, mainly because it’s 1 o’clock in the morning. But if Craig fucking Tinker turns up one more time for every single mildly illegal activity, I’m going to kick my telly in. < March 2024 – I could’ve kicked the telly in several times over>

Philips Shaver costing £300 but then…

Admittedly, it was about 2016, so £300 for a single shaver wasn’t cheap. Jezz bought it for me as an expensive Christmas gift. Over the years, I’ve replaced the shaver head with its unique 3-wheel razor heads, each time spending around £28-30 a time and non-begrudgingly. However, it was only a matter of time, albeit about 5 years later, not bad going. The only way to change the rechargeable battery in the handle of the unit, was to send it away to Philips, a repair centre elsewhere in the UK. I explained on the phone that as I use and need it daily, I wasn’t sure how would shave while I waited the 2–3 weeks that it would take to change the battery. Not to mention the concern I would have to resort to rely on it not going missing through our antiquated postal service.

As a last resort, I researched the idea of buying the battery and replacing it myself. However, the long and frightening YouTube video, involving dismantling the shaver and soldering wires, was too daunting. So, now… I just keep it on its charger station mat.

Apple Rant

Email Signature in iOS – Ever since iOS update 9.3, it has not been possible to add an image, typically a logo, to your pre-defined email signature in emails. WHY NOT?

Philips Hue

Philips Hue Groups with Siri – For some reason, Apple have not made it possible for the grouping of Philips Hue devices, to be launched using Siri commands. WHY NOT?

Filter Lanes for Turning Right at a Crossroad Junction with Traffic Lights

Why do some junctions have it that you give way on the junction to turn right before the oncoming queue turning right? Yet, at other junctions, you drive past the first oncoming vehicle and wait with the second vehicle in the way. AAAARRRGGHH. It just needs to be wait before the oncoming queue, otherwise everyone is in everyone’s way and there’s a mad dash when the lights change.

Neighbours Having Bonfires or BBQs

The lack of consideration that anyone would have by lighting a bonfire or having a BBQ, seem oblivious of the inconvenience that it is likely to cause to their neighbours. The horrible stench of burnt food or a burning fire that fills a room with a window open is unpleasant, at best! And what about other neighbours who have their washing on a line in their garden. Just disgusting!


That’s it. Just cyclists! Most cyclists think that it is perfectly ok to dominate the road and the new laws (2022) that they can ride two or more abreast, or can ride in the middle of the road to make themselves more visible, is ludicrous. And of course, riding through red lights and being killed by a vehicle that has right of way, is somehow the driver of the vehicle’s fault! WTF.

Here’s another one… cyclists wearing ear pods or worse still, headphones!

Video Recording from a Mobile Phone in Portrait

Why? You have the choice to record action by getting as much of the scene in the shot as possible. Yet everyone just films a narrow and tall version, which looks useless on a different device, like a TV or a computer monitor.

NO To Coffee Shops

No, no, no. Why is it so important that everyone has to get to a Starbucks, Caffé Nero, Costa, or Pret A Minger and spend £4 on a coffee on the way to work? Make a coffee at home and put it in a flask. You’ll save tens of pounds and won’t look a complete bell-end paying to advertise over-charging coffee shops. If nothing else, it’ll look refreshing to see someone not looking like everyone else!
And asking for a coffee by saying: “Can I get a…?” AAARRGGHH.

High Call Volumes

Every company has a recorded announcement at the start of their queuing system stating that due to unprecedented high call volumes, there may be an even longer time wait than usual… always… anytime of the day or night! Any time of the year. When it’s busy, when it’s quiet. Just all the sodding time!

Lack of Politeness Or Friendliness

You’re chatting away to someone online, typically a dating app and all of a sudden, without warning, they’ll block you, leaving you pondering and wanting to know why. I get it if they’ve been offended by something you’ve said or there’s a clear mismatch with one another’s profiles. But even then, I always find the time to say ‘sorry’ and ‘thanks for your interest, but we’re not a match.’
I’m writing this on a morning where I made the effort, turned up, (by the way, I don’t send face photos, ever) and this guy was rude enough to hesitate wondering if I was just too ugly to take upstairs. But, he goes with it, sees me out, and before I get back to the car to send a message of thanks, he’s blocked me. How fucking rude.

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