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Here's a collection of stories that Wayne has been able to use many a time as an amusing anecdote in a social surrounding.

The unique webpage containing arseagrams. These are a collection of images where products with initials on shop shelves are rearranged to make rude words.

example: Best person to duet at karaoke with... David.

example: Cadbury Cherry Ripe?

example: Whilst driving in London, Wayne once gave way at a zebra crossing for The Who frontman legend and actor Roger Daltrey.

All places of eatery experienced and includes reviews.

example: Favourite song: It Must Be Love by Labi Siffre.


Video Recording from a Mobile Phone in Portrait

Why? You have the choice to record action by getting as much of the scene in the shot as possible and yet everyone just films a narrow and tall version, which looks useless on a different device, like a TV or a computer monitor.

example: "Tomorrow is Jamaican Hairstyle Day... I'm dreading it!"

Originally called Halftones, these are existing photos with captions and sometimes speech and thought balloons added.

example: "Big knob is ok, only if you have one, not if you are one!"

This is my collection of professional cooks knives.

The collection of my underwear. They're called Step One and I love them.

example: I'M NOT BEING RUDE BUT... - This line is always followed by something said that is highly offensive or rude.

The history of and what started it all. 

Warning: this page of x-rated but very funny jokes may cause offence. Please keep in mind, that if you continue to this page and get offended... well then it's your own silly fault. TUT.

The jokes on this webpage are offensive. Please DO NOT read any further if you're remotely offended by rude and offensive jokes.

example: When you bend over, you look for something else to do while you're down there.