Chocolate Bars And Things

Trying to keep a tab on the new chocolate bars amongst family members has been a big competition as to who can get them first. Either new bars or limited edition of existing bars, Amanda nearly always wins and beats us all to it. Closely followed by Zoe and then, maybe me.

Listed below are some newer creations from our wonderful chocolate makers. I’ve changed the display idea and now you can select them by how much I love them, or not!

Aero Candy Cane Bubbles

Hmm… nope. Not working for me. Not a great taste and definitely wouldn’t buy them again. 

Walkers Christmas Pudding Flavour Crisps

This has to be the first time that I just cannot decide whether these are nice or disgusting… and maybe they’re both. I think it doesn’t help that the flavour is sweet, and yet I like it. This isn’t a Marmite thing!

Maltesers Popcorn Flavour

You bite into one for the first time, and it feels odd. The flavour is fairly immediate, but about 6-8 Maltesers in, and they are suddenly gorgeous and most addictive. 

Snickers Creamy Peanut Butter

These come in 2 and 3 piece bars. They’re soft and chewy and taste of chocolate, caramel and peanut butter with hazelnuts.

Toblerone Golden

Ok. This is odd. It tastes like a Caramac, but it’s a Toblerone… either way, it’s lovely. 

Toblerone Orange Twist

I love Toblerone chocolate, and the combination of the velvety chocolate with the nougat crunch is spot on. Then… as if that wasn’t enough, they put some orange oil in it. It’s gorgeous! 

Aero Caramel Melts

This is exactly the same orgasmic feeling when you bite into a Wispa Gold for the first time, having been used to the original Wispa bar. So, you get the instant soft smooth Aero chocolate taste of an Aero Melt but then a sickly lovely taste of caramel too.

Aero Melts

These are so delicious. They’re like a softer Galaxy Counter. Brilliant idea. 

Bournville Mint Crisp

Oh, my. Well, Bournville is one of my favourite chocolate tastes to start with. I love anything mint crisp, not to be confused with mint fondant (although it’s easily tolerated), but Cadbury’s Bournville and mint crisp together is genius. It’s like an Elizabeth Shaw mint crisp.

Bournville Old Jamaica

Rum n raisin is my go-to ice cream, whenever we’re out, or choosing the tub of Carte D’Or. With plain/dark chocolate being my preferred chocolate, this bar is right up there as one of my favourites of all time, but then it always was, when it was about in the old days.

Cadbury Mini Eggs, Orange

Yes. 100% gorgeous.

Cherry Ripe

The unusual Cadbury bar of cherries, coconut and milk chocolate wrapped in an old gold rich dark chocolate.

Daim Mint

A limited edition of the Daim bar, with a mint flavour. 

Daim Orange

A limited edition of the Daim bar, with an orange flavour.

Maltesers Dark

Maltesers, for me, just got a lot better. As a fan of dark chocolate… and back in the old days when it was called plain chocolate, I’d always opt for the dark/plain version of anything, Bounty, Toffee Crisp (oh yes they did), Black Magic over Milk Tray. 

Terry’s Chocolate Mint

Perfect 100% gorgeousness. Terry’s is amazing anyway and if you love mint flavour in chocolate, like I do, then this is off the scale. I love it.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Exploding Candy

And yet another perfect orange from Terry’s. All the quality of a Terry’s chocolate orange with the childhood memories of Space Dust.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Toffee Crunch

Another 100% perfect orange from Terry’s. This is so nice.

Turkish Delight Cherry Flavour

Oh… what’s going on? These are so intense. If you love Turkish Delight and a strong cherry flavour, then nothing beats these. The only problem with these are that they shouldn’t be a limited edition. 

Twirl Mint

Oh lord. These were hard to track down, for me, but we got there, in the end. An even bigger craze than the limited edition orange and, if you like mint, a lot better too. 

Twirl Orange 

Well, now… Twirl is a first class chocolate bar. You feel like it’s a Flake twice and then coated. Lol. And now they throw the orange flavour at it as well. Heaven. 

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