New Garden 2022

Jezz and I decide to spend what little money we have and redo the garden. It's out with the centrepiece (that Debs always said looked like a grave - lol) and the grass area is going. The new garden will have a calming 'Zen' theme and involve a gravel area, lit by 6 Chinese lanterns, displaying a mains-powered water feature, some sleeper stone pavings as stepping stones lit by solar-powered glow balls. At the house end of the garden, all plastic pots are going and being replaced with composite decking, a fire pit and a 9ft cantilever parasol.



  • Clear the garden of weeds, dead bulbs and flowers
  • Remove the centrepiece
  • Strim the grass area down and level flat
  • Use a paving edge from the middle and relocate at the top of steps
  • Empty all pots and buckets
  • Clear bench seats and remove


  • Dispose of filled heavy-duty garden waste bags and sweep the area
  • Lay and pin woven membrane over levelled grass area
  • Put the water feature and the sleeper pavings in place
  • Place Chinese lanterns on fence hooks


  • Take delivery of chippings bags
  • Distribute all gravel evenly over membrane area
  • Decorate with more solar-powered lighting (Chinese lanterns on fence hooks, glow balls for the stepping stones)
  • Position firepit

The Gallery of the New Garden 2022

And here are some photos of the products and the results of the labour in their various stages.

This is the water feature, in place, tested and working well.


This is one of the six solar-powered Chinese lanterns that we have hanging from fence hooks, original basket hangers.