Places of Work

Over the years, the following are places where I have worked. Each of these are full-time positions of employment working for an employer.


1983 – 1985
A newsagent confectioners retail outlet
High Street, Sutton
Full-time Warehouse and Sales Assistant

Sweetie was a chain of around 18 newsagents, tobacconists, and confectioners. They specialised in discounted cigarettes and cigars but sold hundreds of different bags of sweets and boxes of chocolates. I worked at the Sutton branch which was also the head office, above the shop in the offices. I was employed as a Warehouse Assistant and was chosen by Tony the Manager amongst over 40 candidates. It was my first full-time job on leaving in May 1983. My duties were to take in deliveries, keep the warehouse in an orderly and clean state, display stock on the shop shelves and serve customers at the tills.


1993 – 1995
Benefits Agency
Sutherland House, Brighton Road, Sutton
Full-time Administration Assistant

BAMS stood for Benefits Agency Medical Services and was a government-funded business with the Welfare Benefits sector. The offices were situated in South Sutton, not far from Sutton railway station. Our department looked after Disability and War Pensions claims, but we were only responsible for sorting, filing and processing. I gained notoriety when a single PC was allocated to our floor. I spent much time converting old mundane pen-pushing and paper filling tasks to the computer, ensuring quality output, fewer errors, legible print and removed the need for photo copying old template forms.


1997 – 1999
An association for driving instructor’s
Beddington Farm Road, Croydon
Full-time Administration Assistant, DIAmond Advanced Driver’s Co-ordinator

DIA stood for Driving Instructor’s Association. It was based in Beddington, and we worked from several Portakabins stuck together. The job was awful, and the boss was worse than that. But I worked with two hysterical staff members who went onto to become long-standing friends. My job was to look after the DIAmond Advanced Motorists Club, a unique, so unique no one had ever heard of it. It was an advanced driving course which meant that motorists could sit an independent driving test that was set to an advanced level, exactly the same as the IAM, Institute of Advanced Motorists. I sold badges and arranged certificates for the driving instructors who were qualified to teach and run advanced lessons. I also helped out with general office administration duties and worked alongside the brilliant Barbara in reception, answering calls, sorting post and welcoming visitors and driving instructors.

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