Remembering Forever

Paying tribute and respect to those that have been in my life and have sadly passed away. This list is in chronological order.


21 August 1994 – 30 June 2023
[29 years]

Cade was Debbie and Ian’s youngest son. He was a brother to Kelly, Leanne, and Aidan. He succumbed to the complications of having Diabetes. Cade’s service was one of the saddest I have attended.


8 September 1980 – 13 January 2023
[42 years]

Elliot was Jezz’s brother, son to Joan and brother to Hayley. He lived in Wisbech, Cambridge, where he passed away. He had been poorly for some years. Jezz and I visited him last in November 2019


2 March 1959 – 22 April 2022
[63 years]

Dawn was originally a friend I’d met through knowing Vicki, Lizz and Kate. She was a celebrant and hosted Maggie and Chris’s funeral service. She also performed David Jack’s service, too. She was one of the most down-to-earth, accepting, beautiful souls that I have been honoured to have known.


1 April 1968 – 24 January 2020
[51 years]

Andrew was Simon’s partner of 14 years. They met in 2006 and after a short period, Simon moved in with Andrew at his flat in Peckham/East Dulwich. Eventually, they both moved away to Wales where Andrew’s family are from. It’s been a huge shock to learn of Andrew’s passing away… a handsome young man that died way too early.


2 December 1918 – 20 December 2019
[101 years]

Irene was Debbie’s Nan. I have known Nanny Evans since I was 16 years old when I first started dating Debbie. We would go to Nanny’s at 17 Woodville House, Brunswick Road, Sutton every Saturday morning for a lunchtime roast dinner. Everyone was there, including Maggs & Len, Hayley and Rhys, Mair and Sharon. I remember Nanny Evans being thrilled when we first took Kelly around to meet her when Kelly was just a few months old.
Nanny Evans was the life and soul of the party, always with a smile and joined in with everything, with great enthusiasm. Most noted with singing along to the hymns at Mair’s funeral service.

David J

26 August 1964 – 21 September 2018
[54 years]

My second-to-longest pal, David. I’ve known you since 1986. I loved you like a brother and will miss you hugely and forever. My karaoke partner. My true and most wonderful friend.


24 April 1943 – 21 March 2018
[74 years]

Mair, Debbie’s Mum, featured quite a bit in my life when I first started dating Debs, in 1982. I remember that she was more welcoming than Dad was with Debbie, when I’d visit her when she was still living at home.


19 May 1970 – 11 March 2018
[48 years]

James was Nick’s ex-partner and had been very ill with cancer. Despite his exterior tough image, James was a kind and funny person. He may have been a nightmare at times, but there were definitely moments when I felt that we connected.


14 December 1957 – 15 March 2018
[60 years]

Chris was a lovely, gentle guy and Kate’s partner for years. We often saw him when he’d come out with Kate to family gatherings and meals out. He was at my 40th birthday bash, and it was always nice to see him. Always had a smile.


17 October 1958 – 25 August 2017
[58 years]

My huge friend. He was as tall as he was funny. I’ve documented Tony as the number one funny man that always had me in hysterics. Jezz and I met Tony around 2001, and he’s stayed with us, gone out for meals with us, and we were there with him, for him the evening Dan passed away and again, at the funeral. Tony invented two phrases used in text messages: ‘Tippy Tap’ for when he had had enough of waiting and ‘Don’t take that font with me’ when he responded to someone who was being aggressive him in a text message.
I loved Tony… one massive good laugh.


19 February 1958 – 17 June 2017
[59 years]

A wonderful, wonderful friend to my sister Nikki, and I adored how long you knew each other for. I worked with you at Tasty’s Café, Selsdon Station for a while, and you were always so friendly when you came round to the flat at Durand. Parted from us way too soon. Only fond memories of you, Berni.


14 February 1961 – 11 March 2017
[56 years]

My dear, dear friend Sarah, or as we referred to her: ‘Willsy.’ We met when you came to us as a prospective DJ for the pirate radio venture Pete and I were running in 1988. You quickly became a part of the furniture with your addictive personality. You were always up for a good laugh, and we know that you loved us performing weekly pranks on your show. I also worked with you at the Driving Instructor’s Association for 2 years in 1995. I will miss our weekly FaceTime rants, and I will miss you even more.


25 March 2016
[65 years]

I met you when we started going to the Horse & Groom pub regularly, a gay bar in Croydon. I think you were the co-licensee with Richard. You were a very well-read gentleman and had a wicked sense of humour that took some getting used to. I always found you to be real and relied on your honesty at times.


20 April 1943 – 20 November 2015
[72 years]

Chris was the office cleaner at the DIA (Driving Instructors Association) based in Beddington, Surrey. I worked there for two years from 1995-1997, and you were there throughout this time. You worked on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I don’t recall a single moment when you were ever unhappy, sad, angry or down. Every morning I’d be greeted with this huge smile and your hugs were always warm and sincere. You are one of the loveliest women that I have had the pleasure to be friends with, and I will miss you, a lot.


15 May 1938 – 15 June 2015
[77 years]

Ken was Dad to Paul (Nikki’s husband and my brother-in-law) and Rosie’s Grandad. I only met you a few times, and you were always a happy and fun person to be around, reminded me of Dad in that way. But it was the love for your family that was made so apparent at your funeral service, and just how much you were loved in return.


12 September 1920 – 15 August 2014
[93 years]

Our most wonderful Aunty Gwen — you were everything… feisty, strict, fair, grand but above everything else… was a huge amount of fun. I remember you as being the single most bundle of fun at every family gathering or event. On holiday, you were always the one who instigated all the fun and games. Your lovely voice on the telephone remained completely unchanged from as back as I can remember to this year… some 40 years. Most memorable line: “Well, you know… no one wants to be around a miserable person!” Oh, and: “I swear every time I see you, you’re getting taller!” But you did stop saying that after I turned 30.


10 November 1950 – ?? September 2013
[62 years]

One of my most favourite women of all time. You were also the campest straight woman I had ever met, too. So much fun packed in to one small, amazing lady… I will miss you terribly.


3 May 1933 – 24 August 2013
[80 years]

Dearest Donald. Jezz and I met you and Ian in February 2012 so we hadn’t known you for long, but we did quite a bit, all of us together in the short time. You were an absolute gentleman and adorable to be with. You always had a fascinating story to tell of your life, and I loved being in your company.


27 July 1946 – 18 October 2012
[66 years]

Oh, my dear friend, Carol… I’m going to cherish that I knew you. When I think of you, I think of just how bubbly you were; your wonderful happy outlook on life was infectious, and your voice will be in my memory forever. Unique and adorable. You were also a tad quirky and Sarah has inherited that, which sort of means I can enjoy still having you around each time I’m in Sarah’s company.


30 December 1950 – 18 November 2011
[60 years]

Maggie was Dave’s wife, Vicki, Kate & Lizz’s aunt, Karen’s Mum and of course, my dear friend. A lot of my friendship with you was online. We would spend hours in the evening typing, talking and playing together through Messenger. I will miss the laughs we had more than anything else.

David W

26 February 1951 – 13 November 2011
[60 years]

My dearest and closest friend, who replaced the role of my father when he passed away. We met you in April 2005, but it felt as if we had known you for decades. I will so sorely miss your guidance and mentoring. Your selfless friendship and knowledge was unique, and I aspire to be you.


25 May 1970 – 19 June 2009
[39 years]

Dan was my friend’s partner, Tony Fisher, of 6 years. Since Dan’s ill health began in 2004, Tony looked after and cared for Dan. Their relationship kept growing and Dan’s untimely death is particularly sad as it was only 6 weeks before they were both scheduled to wed at a Civil Partnership ceremony in August 2009.


17 June 1945 – 3 November 2008
[63 years]

Everyone’s friend, Michael. I met you, as many did, being the face that welcomed me to my first visit to the London Lighthouse, Ladbroke Grove. I was attending a computer course there every Wednesday in 2004, for about nine months. You were a terrific (and successful) flirt and attended one of our parties. By some strange quirk, it was my most memorable of the 11 parties we held. Anyone that knew Michael well, won’t need to ask why!


9 May 1921 – 20 October 2008
[87 years]

Ronnie was Nick and Dean’s stepdad, who married their Mum, Jane, in 1986. When she died in 1999, Ron’s only wish was to be reunited with her, but it took 9 full years. Finally, Ron died, and we all think that he got his wish at last. Ron was an extremely gentle man with a wonderful, kind heart.


12 November 1924 – 12 April 2008
[83 years]

My Daddy – father to Michèle, Nik and I, grandfather to Zoe, Kelly, Stacey, Charlie, Billy and Anthony, Great Grandfather to Alfie, Freddie, Lennie, Ella, Teddy, Lila, Ethan and Jake, brother to Gwen, cousin to David, Uncle to Brenda, Bob, Bruce and Brian. 
The single biggest loss in my life that is, and always will be… my dear father. You continue to live on inside of me: with your laughter in my mind and your love in my heart. Broken and lost, I spend the never-ending task of picking up the pieces… and reliving some of my most cherished memories that have you in them.


7 February 1957 – 19 February 2008
[51 years]

The horror of Jeff’s death is with me now, as it was when I first heard the news. At the time, for some strange reason, Jezz and I were comforted by just constantly reading and searching for updates. I realise now that it was because I was looking for some kind of closure. The funeral, court case and sentencing has past too and I am no further with my search for a comforting closure to the grief that continues on. My mentor and a dear friend. 


?? – 19 March 2005

Ted, I didn’t know you well but I knew you were very close with Jezz. If I’ve taken your place in his life, then I’m honoured. Bless you Ted, you’re always remembered here!


13 February 1949 – 22 December 2004
[55 years]

Gill’s husband, Emma, Michael and Frankie’s Dad… died Christmas 2005. For me, Frank will always be fondly remembered as a happy-go-lucky man. I will never understand how those he leaves, find the courage and strength to carry on.


30 December 1972 – 30 November 2004
[31 years]

Marc, I don’t deserve to call myself your friend really… we only knew each other from my visiting the pub… but then again, have I earned the right? I think of you at least weekly and remember the remaining days at The Goose and Carrot without you…was… well sparkle-less!


10 July 1948 – 30 May 2002
[53 years]

Vicki, Lizz and Kate’s Mum, Julian’s wife, Magg’s and Irene’s sister… my Mum and friend! One of the hardest losses I’ve experienced since my own Grandmother in 1989, Jean lost her battle with cancer finally in 2002… never forgotten. I feel spiritually connected with Jean today and I believe I always will. With a tear in my eye now, loving you still, so much Jeanie.


12 November 1926 – 24 December 2001
[75 years]

To Betty – One of my fondest memories was of my coming out to you… that I was gay. No one else there to spoil the kind words of reassurance that I needed so desperately. Your passing on Christmas Eve, 2001, left us all with a huge chunk of life and soul missing from our lives. When comforting Dad, my heart battled with the unsettling blend of restful happy memories that aided my grief against Dad’s pain with each amusing short story he would tell.


16 April 1974 – 17 July 1999
[25 years]

I knew you for a short time, but what we had and shared together is with me today Miles, like it was then… I still don’t know why you are not here but I miss you like nothing I can explain. You beautiful young man…


17 September 1993 – 17 March 1995
[18 months]

My sister, Nikki’s son, Lawrence’s son, Zoe, Stacey and Charlie’s brother, my Father’s grandson, my sister Michele and my nephew, Billy. I want the world and my sister to know that while time and life goes on, my memory of the sadness of my little nephew’s battle with Meningitis is as raw, vivid and painful today as it was then… 17 March 1995.


21 August 1900 – 28 April 1990
[89 years]

My mentor, hero and my Grandmother. My biggest regret in my life, to this day, is how much I wished I had seen more of you while you were alive. If it is ever possible to meet someone again, on the other side; then it would be to meet you… to feel and rest my head in your lap once more! I love you!


22 January 1896 – 13 February 1976
[80 years]

At the age of 9 when my Grandfather passed away, I may not have been so affected as my elder sister’s, nonetheless, my cherished memory of you was when you would put a tot of whisky in my tea when I’d sneak downstairs to be with you at 5am each morning! Love you!

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