In April 2022, Jezz and I stopped collecting Aussiebum and Calvin Klein underwear and tried the heavily advertised Step One boxers and trunks.

Pictured below are the pairs that I have collected so far.


Update: This gallery is now showing in alphabetical order.





Quick List

Ahoy Sailor 府Bamboooos 府Bangin Bananas 府Barbee-Qs 府BiznAss 府Blackcurrants 府Blue Bottles 府Blue Falls, Bossy Bums 府Bubble O' Balls 府Butt Quacks 府Butter Nuts 府Cheeky Cheddars 府Cherries 府Cherry Cheeks 府Cowabungas 府Crabs 府Crown Jewels 府Cucumbers 府Donald Trunks 府Dragon Fruits 府Easter Eggs 府Edamame Balls 府Egg-Gasms 府Egg Yolks 府Elves Undies 府England 府Fairy Floss 府Flockin' Fab 府Franken Shafts 府Golden Nuggets 府Green Goblins 府Guacamole 府Honeycombs 府Hot Dogs 府Hot Sauce 府Icecreams 府Ice Cubes 府Infernos 府Jail Brakes 府Jersey Cows 府Jingle Balls 府Jungle Bitz 府Ken 'Ell 府Koalas 府Lemons 府Lilac Lovers 府Lobsters 府Lucky Pants 府Lychee 府Meat Lovers 府Midnight Blues 府Minty Mates 府Mojitos 府Ocean Camo 府OG Camo 府Oriental Blossoms 府Outback Camo 府Pandamoniums 府Passionate Pineapples 府Pea-cock's 府Pomegranates 府Pumpkin Seeds 府Prawn Crackers 府Pride 府Rainbows 府Retro Rugs 府Retro Steps 府Rusty Nuts 府Sandipants 府Santa Slays 府Santa's Sack 府Saucy Strawberries 府Scorpians 府Skid Marks 府Smashed Avo 府Smoking Gun 府Snowballs 府Snow Worries 府Spots n Dots 府Stocking Stuffers 府Tin Cans 府Toucans 府Tromboners 府Twin Boosters 府Ugly Sweater 府Uranus 府U-Up? 府Valentines 府Wacky Dackys 府Willy Bonkas 府


At the bottom of this page is a smaller list of Step One trunks that I've yet to acquire.


The following Step One's are in my wanted list. I don't have them yet.