Here is a collection of homemade videos that pay tribute to friends, family and places.

Michele's Reaction 1:58

12 April 2022
At Michéle's 59th birthday meal out celebration, Jezz and I gave her a huge fluffy blanket with a print of Mabel on it

Wayne's Speech 22:22

6 November 2021
Our wedding that took place on Saturday 6 November 2021 in the Brighton Hilton Metropole hotel. This was the well rehearsed, dragged out, debut stand-up comedy set that was to be called the Groom's speech. Such a show off!

Jezz and Wayne - 20 Years Strong 03:38

11 December 2020
Jezz and I met in 2000 and this year, despite the horrors of lockdowns with COVID-19, it seemed appropriate to celebrate that we've spent 20 years getting to know one another. This video shows just some of the selfies taken across the years, mainly while we were out and about.

A Special Tribute - Irene Evans   03:10

22 January 2020
Here is the video which shows a selection of photos of Irene Evans, Debbie's Nanny and Kelly's Great Nanny. She lived to an amazing age of 101 years and died in December 2019. The backing soundtrack is my beautiful daughter with an equally beautiful voice. This is her version of 'Amazing Grace.'

Jezz dancing in a shoe shop   00:13

14 September 2019
We were shopping in Kingston high street and went to the shoe shop Destiny Boy. While we waiting for the assistant to come back with a pair of shoes in our size, Jezz decided to dance to the music that was playing. I managed to capture some of it, albeit vertically.

Kelly and Chris - Your Wedding Day (with reaction)  10:09

2 March 2019
Coupled with the Father of the Bride speech, I thought it would be a good idea to collect video tributes from everyone that knows and loves them. From my friends that have met Kelly to loved ones as far as New Zealand and Australia, this compilation of tributes was played to them at the reception. Music featured is Theme: A Summer Place by Percy Faith and his Orchestra and Power To Believe by Dream Academy.

Father Of The Bride Speech - take 2   4:23

2 March 2019
Knowing that I was not going to be at my daughter's wedding, I decided to arrange with Debbie (her Mum) that I would pay tribute by video and created this Father of the Bride speech. With the love of my hero Kenny Everett, I made a brave attempt to be witty and zany about it.

A Tribute To A Friend - David Jack 4:55

22 September 2018
A collection of photos to the backing track of one of David's favourites songs of all time, Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. My friend of 32 years, David Jack died, Friday 21 September 2018. I loved him like a brother. This video is a tribute to the wonderful and true friendship we had from 1986 through to 2018.

To The Man... 1:46

9 July 2018
A short video that conjures up the feelings and emotions that I was experiencing at the time.

Nikki On Ocean's Decent 4:23

24 April 2018

Nik wasn't keen but we convinced her to have a go at Ocean's Decent using a Virtual Reality headset. It didn't go as we thought it might!

Nana By Ethan 1:23

24 April 2018

Debbie and Sharon's Mum, Mair passed away and her funeral took place on her birthday. We were there at The Morden Brook, Lower Morden to celebrate her life and Ethan paid a wonderful tribute.

Missing You - 2017 4:18

29 September 2017

A collection of people who have been a part of Wayne's life and have died. This collection is up to 2017. 

Jezz Twerking and Jean Dancing 2:43

24 February 2017
We were invited to Jean's 80th birthday party at Epsom Golf Club. Jezz is twerking while Jean is dancing. 

Jezz Opening His Christmas Present 2016 1:26

25 December 2016
Jezz opening his Christmas present from Wayne. It was of a paperweight clock from John Lewis that is now discontinued and he'd been wanting one for years.

Our Mannequin Challenge 0:19

18 December 2016

My beautiful angel does a fantastic job at video'ing us with a pretty good effort of a mannequin challenge. It features Jake operating the remote control for the TV, Jezz adding decorations to the tree, me trying to take a photo of the star on the tree and Ethan and Chris pulling a cracker.

Remembering Ken Caiger 2:36

4 July 2015

Remembering Ken Caiger. This is a video collection of photos of Paul's Dad, Ken.

A Tribute To Aunty Gwen 3:06

16 August 2014
Michele, Nikki and I have always loved Aunty Gwen. She was the most fun in our childhood and was the last remaining matriarchal character in our family. I will miss her laughter. Others featured in this movie are Brenda, Brian, Gran (Frances Isobel), Michele, Nikki, me, Betty, Dad (Russell), Grandpa (Jack), Bob.

Michele's 50th Birthday Tribute 3:38

Saturday 12 April 2013
This is a video montage of friends and family members, on the night, at the venue, paying tribute and leaving their messages for Michele on video.

Jezz Can't Stop Laughing 1:24

9 February 2013
Jezz was unable to stop laughing.

Jezz and Wayne At 12 Years 2:44

16 November 2012
Jezz and Wayne - known each other for 12 years.

Wayne - Neck Grab 0:10

14 April 2012
Mastering the grab neck routine, Wayne on his own in the kitchen at Cambridge Gardens.

Wayne - The Early Years 6:18

30 March 2012
Capturing some of the photos taken of Wayne between 1970 and 2010.

Kelly And John 10:05

27 March 2012
This is my most amazing and gorgeous daughter Kelly... here singing alongside one of the most accomplished guitarist that I know, her Grandad, John. The first song is Ed Sherrin's "The A-Team" and then Adele's "Make You Feel My Love." It was recorded on the iPhone 4S at The Coach House pub, in Horsham Road, Cowfold on the evening of Tuesday 27 March 2012.

Kelly And Wayne Singing Frére Jacques 0:16

15 March 2012
Kelly and I singing Frére Jacques, beautifully.

Wayne - Can't Put It Into Words 0:14

29 February 2012
Just me spinning on my desk chair recording into my phone.

Kelly and Wayne - Neck Grab Routine 0:03

22 February 2012
A routine that Kelly and Wayne have rehearsed and possibly mastered... you be the judge. This was done at home, Cambridge Gardens.

You Are So Beautiful To Me 2:53

2 February 2012
A collection of photos and one short video made in iMovie of Kelly, my most gorgeous daughter. The music is You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker.

Maggie - According To Everyone Else 6:17

19 December 2011
Using Windows Live Movie Maker, I've taken some of the written tributes on Maggie's group page on Facebook and blended it with some of the photos again.

Forever Maggie 2 3:20

6 December 2011
Same photos, different slideshow and music track. I used a new iPad app for this slideshow... it's called Slideshow+.

I'm Taking The Day Out With My Daddy David 3:20

5 December 2011
This next collection of photos are another tribute to the memories that I have of my most missed friend, David. It shows off all of the places we've been to together with Jezz from days out to short breaks away.

Forever Maggie 3:42

21 November 2011
A tribute to my lovely friend, Maggs. This collection of photos and music pays tribute to Maggie Ward. It contains images of Maggie through the years from when she was a little girl to this year. It has photos and memories of her with her wonderful family, husband Dave and friends.

Without Daddy David 6:10

13 November 2011
This collage of photos and music is a tribute to my favourite friend, David Wallis, known to us as Daddy David. Our friendship started in April 2005 through to November 2011 and has so many cherished memories.

Wishing Jezz Happy Birthday... On Helium 0:24

10 November 2011
Birthday celebrations for Jezz at Coombe Lodge Beefeater, Croydon.

Just Wayne 3:19

6 November 2011
A medley of photos put together using a backing track recording by Wayne and his version of Kes's song: 'Please Stay.'

Wayne's Photo Book 1:25

10 October 2011
Jezz surprised me by making this book in iPhoto and sending it away to Apple. It came back, a full hard 20-page fully coloured book with matching sleeve. It's gorgeous and was a beautiful surprise.

Open Mic Night 2:48

5 October 2011
Wayne joins Kes singing one of his songs, 'Please Stay' at an open mic night at The Dragon in Colgate.

OMFG 3:09

29 July 2011

This is the video that shames a lot of my friends and family. Embarrassing photos, crazy moments and a lot of bum photos, for some reason. The music used in this video is the theme to the TV series: The Benny Hill Show. The actual name of the recording is Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph.

You may need to sign in to your YouTube account as this video is marked as parental guidance is advised.

Wayne With Someone Else - No.2 3:40

26 July 2011

This video is another in the series of photos taken of Wayne with someone else. It features Wayne with Jezz Warren, Michael Drew, Simon Jones, Paul Brindley, Pete Fields, Sarah Barnett, Elliot Warren, David Wallis (DD), Melanie Low, Michele Alton, Tim Hila, Kelly Alton, Nikki Caiger, Russell Alton, Joan & Hayley Warren, Vicki Gardener, Andrew Edmunds.
The music played was Unchained Melody by Wayne himself.

Big Julie's Homemade Chicken And Sweetcorn Soup 2:32

24 July 2011
Jezz, AKA Big Julie, makes a fabulous homemade soup and we decided to film the last part of its making in true TV cooks style!

One Is Trying To Have A Shi* 0:14

14 May 2011
Just Wayne on the lav, being interrupted.

Wayne Everyday 0:11

9 May 2011
Using the photo app Everyday, this is Wayne in many poses every day for a period of time.

Wayne, Jezz And A Banana 1:40

2 May 2011
Using just an iPhone 4 and an app, we make a short clip of us at home, in black and white, using a banana for Jezz to slip and fall on!

Ethan's 5th Birthday Party 0:41

30 April 2011
We gathered for Ethan's 5th birthday party and sang Happy Birthday.

Wayne's Family - Now And Then 4:02

10 January 2011
This movie shows photos of the family, particularly the younger ones and then ('cos he just can't help it) there's a short section of those no longer with us. Featured are: Alfie, Jake, Ethan, Kelly, Anthony, Zoe, Michele, Stacey, Charlie, Spencer, Neil, Nikki, Paul, Barry, Dad (Russell), Brenda, Gwen, Brian, Jezz, Billy, Betty, Gran (Frances Isobel), Grandpa (Jack), Wayne, Bruce.
The music used was Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert & his Tijuana Band and Brokeback Mountain 3 by Gustavo Santaolalla.

Jezz - Animal Noises 1:41

5 November 2010
After Jezz's gallbladder removal surgery, coming round in recovery and making animal noises.

Jezz On The Trampoline 0:21

29 May 2010
Jezz on the trampoline.

Zoe and Freddie 2:19

15 April 2010
This is niece Zoe and Freddie turning up for another family gathering. This time at Pizza Express.

Zoe and Alfie 0:14

14 February 2010
This is niece Zoe with her eldest son, Alfie in a local Frankie & Benny's restaurant. The occasion was celebrating Zoe's birthday.

Remembering Dan Heales 2:40

6 August 2009
Dan Heales was Tony's partner and sadly passed in 2009. Tony sadly died 8 years later in 2017.

Freddie At 6 Months 1:00

5 August 2009
Here's Zoe's son, my great-nephew, Freddie at 6 months old. He came round to visit with Nana Nikki.

DD - From The Archives 0:10

17 June 2009
Me wanting to deliberately capture more video footage of DD.

DD And Me - Starship Enterprise 'Being Hit By A Torpedo' Routine 0:04

17 June 2009
DD and me attempting the Star Trek Enterprise being hit by a torpedo routine.

DD And Me 0:08

17 June 2009
A moment in history - just me with Daddy David, on his sofa.

A Tribute To Dad 3:07

24 September 2008

Featuring the classical music, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Rachmaninov from Prince Igor by Borodin.  This is a collection of photos put together as a movie using Windows Movie Maker. The movie features photos of Dad from as young as when he was a baby (1924) through to 2008. Also in the photos is his life-long partner Betty Grey, his Mother and Father, Francis Isobel and John (Jack), sister Gwen, nephew Brian, Madelyn (a nurse from Mayday Hospital), granddaughter Zoe, daughters Nikki and Michele with grandson Anthony and son Wayne.

Wayne With Someone Else - No.1 4:23

24 September 2008
This collection of photos features Wayne with at least one other, either friends or family members, including Jezz Warren, Nick Ward, Simon Jones, Pete Fields, Dad, Kelly, Vicki Gardener, Jean Thiel, Noel East, Michele Alton, Nikki Caiger, David Wallis, Ethan Griffin, Maggie Webb, Dave Everett, David Hierons, Lee Walsh, Tim Hila, Kate Gardener, Graham Morris, Karel Vermeulen.
The music featured for the pictures was Marguerite by Bob Morgan and the music for the credits was The Light Of Experience by Gheorghe Zamfir.

Nikki Down The Aisle 0:59

Saturday 11 November 2006
Nik's wedding day, marrying Paul at Morden Registry Office. Here she is walking down the aisle with her son Charlie and Dad. It's sad and yet great to have Dad immortalised forever in video and online.

Nikki - The Wedding Surprise 0:38

Saturday 11 November 2006
Dad, Michele and I club together to gift the hire of a wedding car hire but only told Nik that a standard chauffeur and Mercedes E Class would be turning up. Her surprise to see a vintage ivory Beauford is captured here.

Lamborghini Driving - Full-Length Version 4:10

Tuesday 6 June 2006

Simon and I take the Lamborghini Gallardo back to its owner, via the A3 and M25.  You join the view from the dashboard as we head past the Esher turn off on the A3 heading for junction 10, the Wisley/M25 turn off. Ahead, for some of the time is Nick in the Lexus.