WSA Services

WSA Services

This part of the website shows the services that Wayne offers, usually for free, depending on a few factors; how well the person he’s doing a service for knows him, how appreciative they are of his time, talent, knowledge, effort and energy and finally, how generous they are.

Order Of Service Books

Already featured on the site, this is a particular interest of Wayne’s. He has created 12 funeral service books and 3 memory books for family members and friends. Although the books are similar, they are unique in their content and layout. The compassionate consultation, ongoing support and teamwork-attitude produces a heart-warming momento of a loved one passed. They may contain photos, a short biography, anecdotes and written eulogies from friends and family members. Use this link to visit the Order Of Service Books page.

Website Design

Wayne doesn’t profess to be a professional web designer or an expert in the field, but he does have a good understanding of basic website design, layout and navigation. More importantly, he is sympathetic with, and supportive of, anyone who has much less knowledge than himself and yet maybe has a business or interest that needs, or would benefit from, an Internet presence. 

Wayne’s intention is always to try to get the client to self-maintain their site, once created, but is more than happy to be there, on hand, for updates and changes that need to be made, from time to time.


Wayne won’t deny being a self-proclaimed sex therapy expert. This is based on all of his observations while watching Majorie Proops, Dr Ruth, Dr Phil, Deidre Sanders, Claire Rayner, Denise Robertson on This Morning, Trisha Goddard, Vanessa Feltz, listening to the feisty Anna Raeburn and Lucy Beresford on LBC. He came to a 30-year-long conclusion, that he can offer just as good advice and counselling for troubled relationships, gay and straight, and has done! And by not requiring the notoriety and fame, leaving a nationwide audience out of it can make it quite a comfortable environment with confidentiality ensured.

Mundane Admin Tasks

Wayne is available for time-consuming administrative chores, for daily, weekly tasks or for one-off jobs.

Previous tasks carried out:

  • Exporting banking data and reproducing to a .pdf format, for email
  • Designing slideshow presentations with given data and graphics
  • Editing/resizing/printing photographs (and framing)
  • Creating flyers, e.g., for sale signs, missing posters, etc.
  • Tidying up iPhone contacts, via the user’s iCloud account
  • Spell-checking, grammar correction and other general proofreading
  • Creating simple ‘How To…’ information sheets for computer and iPhone functions and tasks