Here are the links to the different categories and individual pages of photos.


This is the gallery of animals belonging to friends and family.

Eating Out

Here's an A to Z of all of the notable eating places where Wayne has eaten with either Jezz, friends or family.

Family Members

This page is of all family members, past and present.

Family Vintage

Fantastic collection of vintage photos, some from an old box out of an attic and some have been digitized from old 70s slides.

Food At Home

Some of Wayne's culinary results can be seen here in the Food at home page of photos. 

Grandsomes: Ethan and Jake

A page dedicated just for my handsome boys, Ethan and Jake.


This gallery is of those photos taken as a group.


Just some nice scenic photos and views taken by me but also friends and family.

Meanwhile Next Time

Taking amusing photos and adding titles, captions and speech balloons. It's a laff!

Just Dad

Here's a selection of photos of Dad, in the time of my knowing him.

Just Wayne

Photos of me. I've added these photos in an order by year. It's weird how they go from old and ugly down to cute and ugly.

Kelly and Chris's Wedding Day

The photos and videos of my precious daughter's special day.


This page shows all of the occasions from my time at high school to limo night for Jezz's birthday, from France to Littlehampton, Spain to Thorpe Park... they're all here.

Other Photos

Photos that don't have a category or theme.

Places Of Work

Photos were taken whilst at various places of work.


This page displays all of the tattoos that I have had done, in chronological order and has tattoos of family members too.

Wedding of Jezz & Wayne Alton

A long time coming but finally, the wedding is ready. On Saturday 6 November 2021, Jezz and Wayne married in front of 30 of their friends and family.

Whimsies Collection

This page has all the Wade Whimsies that I have collected since I was 7 years old. It also includes those bought for me as gifts.